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Top 2023 Animal Pics To Make You Laugh

With 2023 behind us, we looked back at some of our favourite JK animal pics from around the world. Here are just a few of our top picks!

What does this funny looking bird remind you of? The white grouse was photographed during the winter and looks a bit like a snowball.

How happy does this swamp turtle look? It was snapped with a dragonfly resting on its nose.

This brown bear is certainly not camera shy. He was snapped in Finland and he seems to have a pretty successful modelling career ahead of him.

This polite group of surgeonfish in Mo'orea in French Polynesia are practising ocean etiquette by allowing this Blacktip reef shark to go's probably the safest option too.

This Atlantic puffin looks very relaxed in the water while watching jellyfish.


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