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Rare LEGO Octopus Found On Beach!

A 13-year-old boy has found a rare Lego piece washed up on a beach in south-west England.

Liutauras, from Cornwall, spotted the octopus after two years of searching for Lego pieces that famously fell into the sea thirty years ago, when a cargo ship encountered a storm.

In fact, it's not the only piece Liutauras has gathered from the shore - he's collected almost 800 pieces of the toy!

He regularly goes down to the local beaches with his parents to see what he can find and he's also come across a number of fossils too.

Nearly five million pieces of Lego fell into the sea off the coast of Cornwall in 1997 when a cargo ship encountered a storm.

Among the pieces that went overboard were 352,000 pairs of flippers, 97,500 scuba tanks, and 92,400 swords - but octopuses are the most prized objects as only 4,200 were onboard.

Liutauras said he was "happy" to have found the rare octopus on a beach in the Cornish town of Marazion, after years of searching.


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