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Littering Squirrel Leaves Chocolate Wrappers In USA

The identity of serial litterers who spent months blighting a housing estate with half-eaten chocolates was discovered to be greedy squirrels.

Locals living in Ellesmere Port, in Cheshire, England, became gripped by the question of ‘whodunnit’ after candy wrappers kept appearing.

The saga—dubbed ‘Wafergate’—was discussed daily on the neighborhood’s WhatsApp group, with theories and accusations spreading through the community.

A resident of the close-knit community built an ex-Air Force base first noticed the wrappers back in September.

“I was walking my children and suddenly noticed there’s loads of Blue Riband wrappers everywhere,” said Fiona Downes.

“I posted a picture on our WhatsApp group, asking people to please pick up their wrappers if they’ve been eating chocolate bars.”

But no one fessed up and, over the following months, more wrappers and half-eaten chocolate bars continued to appear.

“It became a big topic among residents. Everyone was desperate to uncover the culprit. It was a big mystery.People were getting annoyed, thinking someone was just littering. While others thought maybe it was the garbage collecting crew.


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