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Squishmallows Take 4 Card Game

Expand your Squishmallows Squad with this lively and engaging family game! Squishmallows - Take 4 is the perfect choice for Squishmallows enthusiasts, featuring an exclusive Benny The Bigfoot Squishmallow.

Embark on a mission to collect 4 cards from the identical Squishmallows Squad. But be cautious – if you attempt to seize the same one as another player, both of you must swiftly race to grab the mini Benny The Bigfoot positioned in the centre to secure the card. It promises a thrilling experience, making it ideal for playing with friends, family, kids, or anyone seeking a dose of Squishmallows enjoyment.

Includes 1 exclusive Squishmallow, 84 squad cards and instructions.

Ages 8+2 to 4 Players10 to 30 Minutes


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