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Spider-Man 7" Designer Statue

Spider-Man crouches with hands poised to unleash a web of sticky situations for his foes. Designed by the talented artist Tracy Tubera, whose style is a mix of graffiti, anime, and comic book art. This originative and detailed style gives this Designer Statue its own exclusive premium vinyl figure!

Encompassing fine paint applications, sharp styling, and a characterised facial expression, the overall sculpt has been masterfully created to present the highest quality version of this hero. 

Measuring approximately 19cm tall and made of vinyl, this meticulously crafted Statue encompasses fine paint applications and a stylised posture to produce only the highest quality of intense characterisation. Fans of Spider-Man now have the chance to display him as a trending superhero in this 7" Scale Statue! But you’ll have to hurry, this limited-edition Statue won’t last forever!

What are you waiting for? Order the limited edition 7" Scale Statue of Spider-Man by Tracy Tubera online today and add it to your superhero collection!


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