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Beast Lab

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO SAVE THE WORLD? The world is in danger and the only way to PROTECT it is with BEASTS! Conduct an experiment using the Beast Creator to create one of TWO SHARKS! Which Shark will be unleashed from the Beast Lab? Will it be the HAVOC HAMMERHEAD or MAYHEM MEGASHARK? 

As each step of the experiment proceeds, the intensity increases. Pull down on the EMERGENCY LEVER to drain the liquid and REVEAL your BEAST INSIDE! Your young scientist will be amazed as a Shark Beast appears surrounded by a cloud of real "Bio Mist"!

Now it's time for WILD BATTLE ACTION! The Shark Beasts can activate a swinging Power Strike Attack using their Pandemonium Weapon and scare away enemies with their Ferocious "Battle Roar" and light-up Power Crystal Core! But the mission is not over! Reset the Beast Creator and repeat the experiment again and again! The POWER to SAVE the WORLD rests in your child's hands with the Beast Lab Shark Beast Creator.


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