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Life-sized Willy Wonka Using 100kgs of Chocolate in London’s Trafalgar Square

Artists spent 200 hours over two weeks carving a life-sized Willy Wonka using what else but chocolate.

The 6-ft 2-inch sculpture, inspired by the eponymous character in the new movie Wonka, was unveiled this week in London’s Trafalgar Square.

Sculpted into the character’s iconic pose, featuring a hat-tip and cane, the creation was moulded and hand crafted from more than 100 litres of melted chocolate by chocolate sculptor Jen Lindsey-Clark and a small team.

Only the head uses a non-cocoa center.

“As a chocolate sculptor, this was the absolute dream commission,” said Jen, who recently created a bust of King Charles ahead of the coronation.

“Just about everyone in the world of confectionary has been inspired by the magic of Willy Wonka and Dahl’s inventive storytelling one way or another.”

“I grew up on the books and watched the original Wilder Wonka film religiously every Easter and Christmas as a child, so to have had the chance to bring such an enduring character to life in chocolate has been such a labor of love.”


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