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Boy Reunited With His Beloved LEGO Character

A ten-year-old who lost his beloved ‘Lego man’ has been reunited with the figure, after creating a ‘missing person’ poster for it.

Jack Steel was left devastated after he lost the figurine, especially because it actually represents himself and is named Jack throughout all his Lego adventures.

To help find the missing piece, the British schoolboy created a ‘LOST’ poster—and even offered a reward of £2 for whoever found it.

The poster begins: “Has anyone seen this Lego man?”

“He is very special to me,” Jack added.

Alongside a drawing of the figure, Jack pointed out the visual features: “Light brown quiff with matching eyebrows. (Quiff being a hair style, in the parlance of the region.)

“Hawaiian Shirt (blue with palm trees and an orange stripe on the bottom. Dark green pants.” Luckily, Jack’s Lego man was found in the park where he plays in Ulverston, Cumbria, by a local schoolgirl.


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