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The Pony's Stylish Hair Salon set features a gorgeous hair salon, and the silky-haired Pony, Sally Manely. Includes accessories for hair and makeup play.

 Use the hair accessories to style Sally's hair in different ways! Includes a hair styling book. The two-storey salon opens up so many fun ways to play!


Pony's Stylish Hair Salon

 Comb hair with the brush or use the curling iron for fun hair styling play! The figures can hold the hair dryer and combine different hair accessories, like the Alice band and hair clips, to create different hair styles!

Display the hair accessories, brush and hair dryer on the dresser and the figures can be secured to the chair while braiding hair or creating other hair styles.

Use the shell-shaped sink and chair for hair washing play and the shower head can be attached to the side of the sink.

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Sister Lyra Persian is quite a serious little girl with an interest in engineering and mechanics. However that doesn't mean she doesn't look forward to dressing up like a princess for a wedding, party or any other special occasion!


Princess Dress Up Set


The two pony girls Vera and Giselle are best friends. They love to style each other. The hair can be combed, braided or decorated with hair clips and crowns. This creates new trendy hairstyles. In the mirror, you can then admire the finished hairstyles.

Pony Friends Set


You can create different lots of different hair styles for Serafina with the included hair accessories. The bottles and other haircare tools can be stored on the cart, while the scissors and comb can also be kept in the hairdresser's apron.


Pony's Hair Stylist Set

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