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White baby alligator born in US may be one of only seven in the world

An extremely rare, pale white, alligator has been born at a wildlife park in Orlando, Florida.

According to officials at Gatorland the female reptile, measuring 49cm, is one of only seven alligators of its kind in the world.

The gator is rare because it has a genetic condition known as leucism which involves a partial loss of pigmentation, that gives the gator its typical colour.

"This is beyond rare. It is absolutely extraordinary," Mark McHugh, president and CEO of Gatorland.

The Florida theme park now wants the public to help name the tiny gator.

Gatorland says the list of possible names includes Ice, Noelle, Snow, Pearl, Ivory and Marshmallow.

The female baby was born to a mother with typical colouring and a leucistic dad from a Louisiana swamp.The gator's parents Jeyan and Ashley are in good health, workers say, adding the baby was born alongside a brother that was the same size but with colouring typically seen among other alligators.


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