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Tiger Woods Portrait—Entirely Made of 25,000 Golf Tees

A golf fan has created a stunning portrait of Tiger Woods made out of 25,000 new and broken golf tees.

Aaron Norris finished the artwork last month and has already sold it for an undisclosed amount.

The 43-year-old artist says he got the idea after spotting broken tees strewn across his local course. He started picking them up, so they could become part of a future pallet.

The 6-foot x 6-foot wall art depicts one of the most famous faces in all of sports reading a putt.

“This was an idea I had been thinking about for a long time,” admits the resident of Missouri.

“Every time I played golf I would see all these broken golf tees laying on every tee box. I would always say ‘I could make something out of those’.

“Over the summer and fall, I started picking them up and saving them. I also had all of my neighbors who played golf saving them for me too.”

Eventually, he decided that he would create a portrait of Tiger Woods, who is tied for most lifetime PGA Tour wins.

Roughly half of the 25,000 golf tees used were collected; he spent $400 buying the other tees.


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