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The Most Common Dog Names For 2023

Is there a link between dog breeds and the names we give them? For the top five most popular breeds in the UK, we noticed some trends. First up is the mixed breed, whose most popular trending names are: Taz, Chance, Hera, Rover, and Timmy.

Next is the friendly and outgoing Labrador Retriever, whose most popular names are: Lana, Narla, Margo, Roy, and Robyn. The Cockapoo is the third most popular breed and people love to name these friendly, social dogs Flora, Diego, Barnie, Jesse, and Kevin.

The Cocker Spaniel takes fourth in our most popular breeds list, and these smart, happy pups are most often named Ada, Bilbo, Spencer, Copper, and Hank. Last but not least is the personality packed French Bulldog, whose top trending names are Rodney, Casper, Bernie, Meeko, and Mollie.

Films have been a big influence. The name Barbie is trending, up a whopping 1,079% from last year, and Ken is up by 79%. Other Barbie dolls, Alan, Dolly and Sasha, have also become more popular.

The Little Mermaid film has also made Ariel, Eric and Scuttle more popular. Ember - the main character from the film Elemental - has also jumped up the ranks.

The Lionesses' performance in the World Cup has also inspired dog-owners. The name Russo is up a massive 579%, and Jill, Rachel and Georgia are all up as well.

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