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Movie Scene It

Get ready to put your movie knowledge to the ultimate test with Movie Scene It? From classic films to the latest blockbusters, indulge your binge streaming expertise to win the game.

And it’s not just for movie buffs, Movie Scene It? is more than movie trivia. Use memory, observation and puzzle solving as well.

If you think you’re a ‘reel’ movie fan, put your knowledge to the test with Movie Scene It?

Movie Scene It? Now with streaming movie clips!

Includes: Flextime gameboard, six-sided dice, eight-sided dice, 4 reference cards, 4 metal game pieces, 30 Buzz cards, 150 trivia cards, 1 Instruction sheet with product license key for Gamestar+.

Product Features:

  • Let the movie magic begin with Movie Scene it? Gamestar+ Edition

  • This all-new version of Movie Scene It?streams movie clips straight to your TV and devices!

  • Includes over 550 on-screen questions from your favorite movies!

  • Plus 450 Movie trivia questions on cards included in the box.

  • Family board games + streaming content = more fun!

  • The Flextime gameboard can be folded for shorter games!

  • All you need is an internet connection and at least 2 people.

  • Play with friends and family, perfect for ages 12 and up.


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