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How To Say No To Your Phone

An empowering and practical guide to help children unplug from their phones, from esteemed psychologists Brad Marshall and Lindsay Hassock.

Drawing on over twenty years of experience as psychologists, Brad Marshall and Lindsay Hassock share cutting-edge insights on how children can say 'no' to their phones. Kids will discover the effects that their phone has on their brain and body. They'll learn how to create a relationship with their phone on their terms. They'll even establish simple, healthy screen time habits that stick.

This handbook for children ages 10+ features:

-Ten practical steps to help children unplug from their phones

-A toolkit at the end of each step providing accessible, practical techniques

-Advice from trusted authors, psychologists who have spent two decades working with children and offer a warm and conversational voice

-Calming full colour illustrations by Lauriane Bohemier

-Further resources at the back of the book

Practical, insightful and empowering, this is the first book on the market to help children build a healthy relationship with their phone.

Perfect for fans of Dr Alex George's A Better Day and Marcus Rashford's You Are a Champion.

Praise for the first book in the '10 Steps to Change' series: How to Manage Your Eco-Anxiety.

'An essential mental-health handbook for the next generation' - Vanessa Nakate

'A timely, empowering toolkit for young people everywhere' - Mya-Rose Craig

Title: How to Say No to Your Phone

Edition: Main

Publisher: Magic Cat Publishing

ISBN: 9781915569110

Length: 152.0 millimetre

Width: 214.0 millimetre

Languages: English

Ages: 10+


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