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Forbidden Reign Hardback

Pero Moshe hears a mysterious voice singing from the underground tunnels in the palace of Beijing, and a prophecy says she's the one to answer the call. But when she does and is trapped in the Forbidden City with Dr. Carper, the journey uncovers more than the truth of her past and not-so-missing parents.

The Chinese government threatens, a charming boyfriend holds his own secrets, and the Lesaries expect Pero to unlock their sanctuary for a long-awaited freedom. All while eating chicken feet.

The problem? Pero doesn't like chicken feet.

In a desperate fight to restore Elohim's kingdom, Pero must decide what matters most: saving those she loves, or the ones she's learning to forgive.

Title: Forbidden Reign Hardback

Author: Amy Earls

Publisher: Amy Earls

ISBN: 9798987401774

Length: 0.69 inch

Width: 5.5 inch

Languages: English


Chosen Story

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