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Cra-Z-Art Shimmer n Sparkle Mini Squeezies

So Tiny and sooo squishy! Make your own sweet scented mini squeezies you can colour, squeeze and display! The 3 In 1 Mini-Mazing Squeezie Cuties Kit comes with everything you need to colour and create 16 mini squeezies.

Create a unicorn, donut, owl, sea horse, bear, ice cream and more. Colour each mini squeezie your own way with 15 markers in jewel tones, pastels and neon bright colours!

Product Features:

  • Colour your own Mini-Mazing Squeezy!

  • 16 Squishy cuties to colour, 15

  • Super Slow Rise, Scented Squishy Fun!

  • Age: 8+


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