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Aphmau, the mega star female gamer and YouTube creator, is known for her love of cats and her collection of adorable MeeMeows!

Now bring home your favorite Aphmau MeeMeows in an even BIGGER form! This Jumbo sized plush is over 16 inches long! Rainbow Cat is here to brighten up everything around you with her vibrant colors! Collect all of Aphmau’s adorable jumbo plush including Rainbow Cat as seen here!

These cute jumbo cat plushies make the most meow-velous cuddle companions with super soft materials, a squishy body and their signature happy faces and big, adorable eyes! An Aphmau MeeMeow Mystery Jumbo Plush is the purr-fect gift for Aphmau fans, collectable lovers, gamers, and cat lovers alike! Check out the official Aphmau YouTube channel and discover Aphmau and her MeeMeows in the videos!


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