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It's as if we're under the sea! There are 12 types of fun rides!

Also Available:

Floating Cloud Rainbow Train

The Floating Cloud Rainbow Train features a lovely parade train with plenty of movable parts, along with the long-eared Fennec Fox baby. Moving the Rainbow Train along will make the cloud of smoke in its chimney move up and down. The cloud has enough room for three baby figures to sit inside.

Baby and child figures can be placed in the driver's seat and in the passenger car.

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Royal Princess Set

The Royal Princess Set is a set of baby figures, all dressed in lovely princess costumes. Features lots of different kinds of princesses, like Husky baby as a Snow Princess, or Snow Rabbit baby as a Unicorn Princess. 
Also includes tiaras and other themed accessories.
Introducing the Snow Rabbit baby, Sophie, Husky baby Linnea, Striped Cat baby Apricot, Marshmallow Mouse cradled baby Mary and Persian Cat cradled baby Briana.


Penguin Babies Ride ‘n Play featuring the Penguin babies Pearl and Rocky, along with a pushcart and aviator goggles. Either of the Penguin babies can in ride the pushcart. The figures' arms, legs and heads can be moved to put in different poses.Introducing the baby Penguins, Pearl in pink and Rocky in blue.

Penguin Babies Ride n' Play


Meet the Penguin Family, Father Ozzie, Mother Sapphire and baby son Kippie.

Penguin Family

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