1. Baby Ferris Wheel

The Baby Ferris wheel includes a cute Ferris wheel that can seat up to three babies.

5. Baby Choo-Choo Train

A playground with moveable train for little ones to enjoy. It includes a moveable railroad crossing gate and Jason Petite Bear Baby Figure.

2. Baby Airplane Ride

The Baby Airplane Ride includes a turning two-plane ride and Alfie the Maple Cat Baby.

3. Baby Tree House

The baby Tree House includes Ambrose the Walnut Squirrel Baby with hammock, slide, swing and a cute little room to play in.

4. Baby Castle Playground

Everyone can play at being a prince or princess with the Baby Castle Playground. Climb up the ladder to the top wearing your crown and then slide down again.

6. Sunshine Nursery Bus

Take the children to the nursery on the Sunshine Nursery Bus! This bus can seat one driver and 12 babies, with adorable rainbow and musical note design.

7. Baby Castle Nursery

The Baby Castle Nursery is a Nursery School that comes with plenty of playground equipment such as a piano, swing, a slide that can be set alone or used from the second floor and a table that turns into a seesaw.

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