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583035C3 583028C3 Rainbow High S23 Shadow High Doll SF FP 0001.png
583059C3 583028C3 Rainbow High S23 Shadow High Doll IR FP 0001.png
583073C3 584636C3 Rainbow High S23 Shadow High Doll MD FP 0001.png
583066C3 584636C3 Rainbow High S23 Shadow HIgh Doll HG FP 0001.png
583042C3 584636C3 Rainbow High S23 Shadow High Doll IP FP 0001.png


Where high tech meets high fashion: meet Zooey Electra. Known for her futuristic style (think VR glasses, AI design and. Bluetooth enabled detailing) she's on her way to redefining what it means to be a fashion designer - one pixel at a time.


Rex McQueen is the black sheep of his family and hometown. Born and raised in the middle-of-nowhere Florida, Rex has always had a hard time fitting in. When Shadow High came calling, Rex didn't hesitate to pack up his bags and enroll.


Everything's bigger in Texas and Houston's very own Monique Verbena is no exception. Big hair, big hoops and even bigger talent. She's excited to bring her feminine touch to the Project Rainbow runway.


To Dia Mante, there's no place like Michigan. From the history to the music, cars and of course Detroit style pizza, there's nowhere else she'd rather call home. So, while she reigns supreme at Shadow High, there's a part of her that can't wait to head back to the Midwest.


There's nothing small town about Reina Crowne or 'Glitch' as everyone knows her around the halls of Shadow High. In fact, most people would more easily believe she's from another planet than the outskirts of Louisville, Kentucky.


What's black, white and pink all over? Karla Choupette of course! Born and raised in Paris, she's the epitome of French chic. From classic patterns to tailored silhouettes, every detail is extremely refined and polished.

Rainbow High, a leading global fashion doll brand and hit animated YouTube series, is a colorful, modern fashion doll brand that encourages creativity, celebrates diversity, and embraces inclusivity - each and every day. Together as friends, Rainbow High and Shadow High let their true colors shine.


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© 2023 MGA Entertainment, Inc. RAINBOW HIGH™ and SHADOW HIGH™ are trademark of MGA in the U.S. and other countries.

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