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Zeus - The Worlds's Biggest Dog!

Zeus of Texas is now officially the world’s tallest dog, measuring an impressive 3 feet 5.18 inches tall.

The two-year-old Great Dane officially achieved the title on March 22, 2022, after his record-breaking height was measured and confirmed by his vet.

“Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted a Great Dane named Zeus,” said Brittany Davis. Her dream became reality when her brother gifted eight-week-old Zeus to the Davis family.

She said, “At first, we were nervous about having such a large dog, but we fell in love with him and here we are!”

Zeus shares his home with three miniature Australian shepherds, as well as a cat. While he reportedly loves all his siblings, his best friend is the miniature Australian shepherd, Zeb.

Nothing, not even their vast height difference gets in the way of their playtime and bonding.

According to Guinness World Records, “Zeus loves walking with his human brother and sleeping by his window in his chair.

He loves visiting the Dallas Farmers Market where he is always the center of attention. Vendors greet him by name and offer up extra treats; he’s a local celebrity!”

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