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What A Find!

No day on the beach is complete without a bit of treasure hunting in the sand, but nine-year-old Etta surprised history experts when she found a fossilised bear tooth that's over 700,000 years old!

"I was looking down and there it was," she said.

"I thought it was a fossilised bit of wood so I put it in my pocket, and when we got back to the car park we showed it to a fossil expert and she fell off her chair.

"She said, 'People search for 20 years and don't find anything this good' and told us it was a bear tooth."

West Runton beach in Norfolk, UK is well known by historians after a particularly famous find, the skeleton of an Ice Age mammoth, was uncovered there in 1990. It's the oldest and largest mammoth fossil ever discovered in the UK.

Since then more fossils have been unearthed as the coast's cliffs are slowly eroded away. Etta has loaned the tooth, which at 9cm from tip to root is about the same length as a pencil, to a local geologist and natural history expert, David Waterhouse.

"To find a perfect massive bear canine is a first for me in 16 years working here," he said.

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