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Use The Force Luke

Mark Hamill, the actor who plays Luke Skywalker, is nearly 70 years old, so he couldn't play a version of the character in his 30s, right...?

Well actually he could, thanks to modern technology.

Lucasfilm began the process working with deepfake technology, it involves feeding in as many images and video clips of a person into a computer as possible. The computer AI (Artificial Intelligence) is then able to learn lots about a person's face, how it moves when they talk or make a facial expression such as smiling and can then digitally copy them.

Eventually the team at Lucasfilm decided they wanted to have Mark Hamill return to act in the scene, so they moved to use de-aging methods seen in previous Marvel and Star Wars films.

In doing so, they combined the on-set acting performances of Hamill and another actor named Max Lloyd-Jones, who physically resembled a young Luke Skywalker.Hamill then had to film for a second time inside a special booth called 'The Egg'.

Inside The Egg, the visual effects team had control over lighting and could take super high-resolution images and textures of the actor's face.

The end result was the technology combined the performances and made the younger actor look like Luke Skywalker from 1983.

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