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Tiger Research

Siberian Tigers split into two main personality groups, according to new research.

The research finds two main personality traits - majesty or steadiness.

A personality trait is something that makes you who you are - think of things like confidence, kindness, or being optimistic.

Scientists say its quite similar to the way humans roughly divide into introverts and extroverts - people who relax by being around others, and people who relax by being by themselves.

These are the two main personality types that Siberian tigers are supposed to fit into.

Tigers with majesty ranked higher in the group status and were more confident.

Steadiness scoring tigers were more relaxed, loving, and less aggressive.

The majesty-rating tigers also liked to eat more food! A team of experts wrote a report in the Royal Society Open Science journal, explaining that previous research into tiger psychology had found up to 70 different personality traits the animals could have.

They then sent the personality tests to a group of feeders and vets at a tiger park in China.

The feeders and vets quizzed the tigers by looking at how they act around each other.

The results found two main groups that the tigers fitted into - majesty and steadiness!

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