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What shape does this remind you of? An Israeli wildlife photographer managed to take this amazing image of a flock of birds forming what looks a bit like a spoon with a heap of sugar on top. The illusion happened during what is known as a murmuration, where thousands of starlings fly and swoop in clusters. It's thought that the birds make these shapes as a form of protection from predators, or a way of signposting a roost. That wasn't all the photographer, Albert Keshet was able to capture either. He also snapped a shot of what appeared to be the spoon bending!

Mr Keshet took the images when he went on an early morning excursion to a spot in the northern Jordan Valley to photograph wild plants and birds.

"When I was in the valley looking for birds, I met the flocks of starlings. I stayed there for about five or six hours, watching and following them in order to capture some beautiful pictures," he told the BBC.

He added: "At one point they began to ascend to the sky and began the dance of starlings. To my huge surprise, in the space of only about five seconds the starlings formed the shape of the spoon. They held it for a few seconds then the shape changed to a bent spoon!

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