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Welcome to the Squishville toy world. This all-new world features your favorite Squishmallows characters in a brand new 2-inch size. There are playsets, vehicles, mini-Squishmallows plush (of course), and more in this irresistibly squishy collection.


Squish into all 5 rooms in Fifi’s Cottage. This deluxe townhouse comes with two popular Squishmallows plush, Cam the cat and Fifi the red fox, in their new 2-inch size. Squeeze Cam and Fifi into their stylish loveseat, the bathtub, toilet, and into bed after a long squishy day. Watch the sunrise on a lovely Squishville plush day by squeezing your Mini-Squishmallows plush into the chimney.


Grab your tickets and cruise on over to the Squishville Cinema because it’s showtime! Expand your Squishville toy world with the Squishville Cinema in the brand new Deluxe Playset. This set includes two scrumptious accessories that you’ll want to squish into all day. Get yourself in a twist with the salted pretzel chair or dive into the buttered popcorn bucket because you're sitting in the front row for the show! This ultra cute set features your favorite Mini-Squishmallows plush in a mini 2-inch size, only found in this playset.

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