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Space X Crew

Eight lucky people have been chosen by a Japanese billionaire to join him on a trip to the moon!

Businessman Yusaku Maezawa bought every seat on the maiden SpaceX lunar voyage, which has been in the works since 2018.

A DJ, a YouTuber and a K-pop rapper are among the crew revealed after he carried out a global search last year for creative people to join him on what could be the first lunar journey by humans since 1972.

Let's take a look at who has made the cut from around the world.

Steve Aoki - An American DJ.

Tim Dodd - An American YouTuber also known as the Everyday Astronaut. He has 1.4 million subscribers for his educational videos on spaceflight and astrophysics.

TOP (Choi Seung hyun) - a K-pop rapper and former lead of boyband Big Bang from South Korea.

Yemi A.D. - A dancer and choreographer from the Czech Republic.

Rhiannon Adam - An Irish photographer

Karim Iliya - A wildlife photographer from the UK

Brendan Hall - An American filmmaker

Dev Joshi - An actor from India

US Olympic snowboarder Kaitlyn Farrington and Japanese dancer Miyu were named as back-ups.

The flight will see the crew circle the moon in a spacecraft, coming within 124 miles (200km) of its surface.

In total, the trip will take 8 days from launch to the time they return.

The flight isn't scheduled until next year but regulators for the Starship rocket from Elon Musk's SpaceX company in the US haven't actually given permission for the flight to go ahead yet.

The ship hasn't even been approved for the journey. It's been grounded for the past 18 months in Texas after completing a test launch in May 2021.

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