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Space Nugget!

As if things couldn't get any stranger, a chicken nugget has joined the record books by being the firs...well, nugget sent into space!

These pictures show what is believed to be the first ever chicken nugget sent into space, reaching heights of more 110,000 feet above Earth–that’s about 880,000 nuggets high.

A team of experts in the field of stratospheric exploration created the perfect vessel for the nugget to travel in.

It was sent into space using a meteorological weather balloon filled with hydrogen that’s lighter than air to carry the tasty cargo up to the stratosphere.

Using a custom-designed launch vehicle including primary avionics, auxiliary satellite tracking, and an integrated camera support system taking video footage, the lone nugget was sent up, up, and away out of the Earth’s atmosphere. After being amongst the stars for a while, the nugget returned safely to earth all of which was captured on camera! Check it tasty!

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