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Perfect Pasta

When one man just couldn’t find the perfect pasta shape, he did what so many great Americans have done before him: he made his own.

The story of this fun adventure raises many important food-isophical questions, such as “What is the best pasta shape?” and “What attributes do the best pasta shapes have?” and “Who decides what represents an official pasta shape: is there even such a thing?”

Dan Pashman, James Beard Award winner, food personality, and podcast host, decided that whether it was penne, rigatoni, tagliatelle, or tortellini, there was no pasta form which he thought satisfied his desire for “sauceability,” “forkability” and “tooth-sinkability.”

Along the way towards his ultimate goal of the perfect pasta, reports that Pashman traveled to something called the Pasta Lab in North Dakota State University, where he learned at the knees of pasta elders about the science behind the worldwide staple.

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