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We all know Tom Hanks. How can we forget his many film roles including the likes of Toy Story, The Polar Express, Big and even earlier than all of these, Splash from the 1980's.

Now Tom Hanks is rumoured to have landed a brand new Disney movie role...Pinocchio! Hanks is set to play Geppetto band the movie will be directed by one of the actor’s biggest collaborators, Robert Zemeckis. Apparently, negotiations are still in the early stages, but Hanks has reportedly reached out to Zemeckis to let him know that he’s interested in the role.

Disney’s originalPinocchiofilm was released in 1940 and told the story of a lonely woodcarver who crafts a wooden puppet and is surprised when a fairy grants his wish for the puppet to brought to life. From there, the cheeky wooden boy finds himself on a wild adventure

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