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Most Expensive Game Ever!

A rare copy of Super Mario Bros 3. just sold at auction for $US156,000, or $215,000 in Aussie dollars. This makes it the most expensive copy of a game ever sold worldwide.

The game was sold by Heritage Auctions last week, with the bidding opening at $US62,000. A total of twenty bidders got involved before it finally hit its record-breaking sale price.

This particular copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 is particularly special. It has a rare box design where 'Bros.' is right justified, slightly obscuring one of Mario's hands. Later copies of the game moved the lettering closer to the centre as you can see in the below picture.

What made this copy so valuable (apart from the picture of course) was that the game itself including all packaging was in mint condition. Don't forget kids, if you want to collect and store away toys, games, books etc for future resale, always keep the original box and instructions making sure they don't get damaged!

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