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Micro Machines

Once a classic collectable of the 1990's, Micro Machines return with all new vehicles and play sets! Think big and play small with these amazing sets now available.


With over 20 action packed locations and areas of play, Super van City is the cornerstone of the Micro Machines world. Check out the expanding skyscraper, moving elevators, drawbridge construction site and ramps for epic stunts. Playset comes with TWELVE high quality brightly coloured vehicles to start you collection!


This playset opens up to 5 awesome levels to accommodate up to 45 Micro Machines and features a real-working elevator to take vehicles to the top floor then use the spiral ramp to race out of the Garage. Heading out?, Just need to close the Park N' Go Garage then take it wherever they need to be using the carrying handle.


Expand your play universe and connect to other playsets in the range. You can build your universe any way you want! Modify and fix your car at the tuner garage, wash and detail your favourite vehicle at the car wash, develop new adventures with the construction playset and keep your city safe with the fire and rescue playset!


Jump in and start your collection with starter packs and world packs. Each pack comes with highly detailed vehicles that fall under an iconic theme such as Muscle Cars, Farm, Racing, construction, Off-Road and more. With World Packs, you score a Micro City scene that allows you to play or display your vehicles.

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