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Yes, it does come in black. Christopher Nolan’s iconic interpretation of the Batomobile, referred to as the Tumbler, from The Dark Knight Trilogy also comes in LEGO bricks.

LEGO promises that the larger set “will stretch your construction skills,” and from the looks of this build, that’s no understatement. This is definitely a set meant for an older audience. The build features an opening roof to provide access to the driver and passenger seats. It also has a control panel and comes with both the Batman and the Heath Ledger Joker minifigures to be displayed on the stand with the car. The larger vehicle measures over six inches in height, 17 inches in length, and nine inches in width—that makes this a display with its own intimidation mode.

Dark Knight and LEGO fans may recognise this set from 2014, but there are differences. First, the new set has 180 more pieces, creating even more detail. Additionally, the minifigures are new as are the wheels, which are also larger on this new set. You don’t need Lucius Fox to help you get your own Tumbler—though you may want his help in putting it together when you do get this set. Out now, you need to get this vehicle to dominate the streets of Gotham and maybe even your very own neighbourhood!

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