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Most of you probably haven't heard of the classic 1980's TV series 'Knight Rider'. The series was watched all around the world and featured the one and only 'David Hasselhoff' who was the driver of what you would call a supercar named 'KITT'.

Back in the 80's Knight Rider was packed full of special effects and imaginative story lines which today would probably make most people cringe. Regardless, Knight Rider was a classic. Equipped with a vehicle that could talk, jump, self drive and go from 0-100kms an hour in only seconds, Hasslehoff (who played Michael Knight) would head out on epic adventures to capture the bad guys with epic results.

Now, Knight Rider is set to become an all new movie and right now a screenplay is being written to make production happen. So...who is writing this right now? None other than T.J Fixman who was responsible for developing the game 'Ratchet & Clank'. No more news as yet but it's likely this release will happen without Hasselhoff.


For scenes when K.I.T.T. had to appear to drive itself,Barris createda right-seat driving position inside the on-set car that dipped below the dashboard. From the passenger side, a stunt driver was then placed in a special seat that sat low enough to avoid detection on camera, but high enough to see where he was going.

K.I.T.T. stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand, based on the car’s fictional creator, Wilton Knight. The car went by another name when the series was early in its production: T.A.T.T., which stood for Trans Am Two Thousand.

Though they made for a formidable duo on-screen, William Daniels and David Hasselhoff were never even in the same room together while the show was being made. They first met at the show’s Christmas party when Knight Rider was already an established hit. “A guy walks over to my table and goes: ‘Hi I’m William Daniels, I play K.I.T.T.,’” Hasselhoff said in an interview with CBS. “And I say: 'Oh I’m David Hasselhoff and I play Michael.’ And he says: ‘Oh we have a hit don’t we?’ And that was our first conversation.”

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