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Introducing The Pit Viper!

In recent years, the Himalayan-lying North Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh has been home to many newly discovered creatures. Most recently is a new pit viper called Trimeresurus salazar, which Harry Potter fans would notice immediately means: Salazar’s pit viper.

The snake was named after the fictional founder of the Hogwarts House of Slytherin, the crest of which is an emerald green snake. The pit viper certainly looks the part, though the males of this nocturnal species have a unique reddish-orange stripe down the side of their heads. We actually think he's stunning!

Also recently discovered, is this incredible spider which lives in Iran. Named after Lou Reed—the velvet spiders have a new member—this one named after Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of Batman’s famous nemesis in the 2019 production. Imagine this greeting you when you next open the car thanks!

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