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Hawk...You're Hired!

Bay Area Rapid Transit system travel system in San Francisco has recruit!

Travellers using El Cerrito del Norte station may have come across the metro system's newest staff member, Pac-Man.

Pac-Man is a Harris hawk who has swooped in to help the station tackle its pigeon problem. Specifically, its pigeon poo problem.

Pac-Man and his handler, Ricky Ortiz, protect the station and it's passengers from pigeon poo!

They work three days a week and start their day clearing pigeons from the entrance before making their way to the platforms.

Mr Ortiz says he has already noticed a big difference in the numbers of pigeons around the station.

In an interview with Reuters news agency he said: "There was probably less than half of the pigeons here after the week of us flying." Harris hawks do like to hunt smaller birds, like pigeons, and to keep Pac-Man from snacking on the job, Ricky keeps him well stocked on more suitable foods to keep him happy during the day.

Passengers who have noticed Pac-Man on their travels have even taken selfies with the hero hawk!

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