Harry Potter 1st Edition

A first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone has fetched an amazing $120,000 AUS at auction.The book was among 500 hardback copies printed in 1997 - 300 of them went to schools and libraries and 200 went to shops in the United Kingdom.This copy is one of those that was sold in shops for £10.99 which makes it rarer - that's why it's sold for such a high amount.

Another first edition, which nearly sold for 50p (88 cents approximately) in a car boot sale, got £50,000 (around $88,000 AUS) in an online auction on Friday.

One of the most expensive copies of Harry Potter to sell at auction, sold for £150,000 (Around $265,000 AUS) in 2013. It had notes from JK Rowling and 22 original drawings from her in it. That's enough cash to make even Hagrid fall over...wow!


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