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Green turtle breeding season is underway and Pakistan's beaches are bustling with turtles big and small! The pandemic was good to animals using these beaches, and lack of human interruption has almost doubled the numbers of turtles coming to lay their eggs. But now staff from Sindh Wildlife are waiting for them - to keep and eye on them, and their eggs. Green sea turtles are endangered so the conservationists make sure the eggs get extra protection and are preserved in secure areas, When it comes time for them to hatch, the experts bring them back to the sea to encourage the babies to make their way in the world.

So, why are they called “green” sea turtles, then? Well, these cool creatures are named for their layer of green fat that lies under their shell. Scientists believe this unusual quirky-coloured fat is the result of their veggie diet – unlike most other sea turtles, the green sea turtle eats marine plants such as seaweed and sea grass.

These top turtles can be found nesting along the coastline of more than 80 countries around the world, with the largest nesting populations found in Costa Rica and right here in Australia. But they like to spend most of their lives underwater, where they can rest for up to five hours at a time before coming up to breathe. When feeding or travelling, however, they pop up to the surface every three to five minutes for a few seconds of air, before diving back down.

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