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Disney Villains Makeover

This eyeshadow palette from Mad Beauty features a villainous selection of 12 contemporary eyeshadows in a Disney Villain-designed palette. Perfect to help you nail that withering glare.

How to be a Disney Villain:

  • Laugh maniacally

  • Use antlers in all of your decorating

  • Have a hidden lair full of potions/dog-skinning essentials/other contraptions to help you carry out your evil plans

  • Pepper your speech with 'Fools!' and 'I'm surrounded by idiots' in an exasperated tone whenever your minions are within earshot

  • Lose your temper in a fashion that terrifies the locals

  • Master the fine art of sarcasm

  • Complain loudly and often about why you even HAVE that lever

If this sounds like you, you might just have what it takes to be a Disney Villain! And every Disney Villain knows how crucial it is to nail that terrifying villainous look. How else would you get the heroes quaking in their boots?

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