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Disney Good Vs Evil

In the ages-old battle of good versus evil, Disney Princesses and Villains come together for the ultimate face off!

For every person of pure heart, there is another jaded, hell-bent on revenge against all those who stand in their way. And so sets the scene for the triumph of good over evil, Disney’s timeless storytelling formula that fans adore.

On each pocket of this mini backpack, a new scene unfolds. At the top, Dr. Facilier closes in on Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen in frog form in the bayou. Below, Maleficent and Diablo have their sights set on Princess Aurora.

The final pocket shows a scheming Ursula using her magic to keep a close eye on Princess Ariel and Flounder. Each scene bursts with color in premium printed detail, while shiny silver-tone hardware ensures your belongings are always safely stored.

Keep your favourite Disney movies close with this epic accessory!

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