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A joyful celebration of family and culture, the Welcome to Our Country series introduces First Nations history to children. From Australian of the Year Adam Goodes, co-writer Ellie Laing, and Barkindji illustrator David Hardy.

Welcome, children!

Nangga! Nangga! Yakarti!

Tonight will be our Ceremony.

Our family gathers as the fire burns.

The smoke rises up as we take it in turns . . .

Then clapsticks tap - one, two, three -

but a stick is missing! Where could it be?

Joyful and full of fun, Ceremony invites you to celebrate the rich traditions of dance, family, community and caring for Country from the world's oldest continuous culture.

Title: Ceremony: Welcome to Our Country

Author: Ellie Laing, Adam Goodes, David Hardy

Publisher: A&U Children's

ISBN: 9781761065064

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