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Black Hole Found

Scientists think there are hundreds of thousands of black holes in the Milky Way - which is our galaxy - and now a group of UK astronomers believe they've found the largest one in the entire universe!

To give you an idea of its size, the Sun is 109 times bigger than Earth. This newly discovered black hole is thought to be 30 billion times bigger than the Sun!

Dr James Nightingale, who is from Durham University and led the study into the black hole, said he struggled to "comprehend how big this thing is".

What Is A Black Hole?

Black holes happen at the end of the life cycle of a star.

When some stars die, because they are so huge, their weight and pressure causes them to collapse in on themselves.

Black holes have the ability to suck in anything - including other stars and planets.

Because of this they also suck in light, which makes them very difficult to spot.

It's impossible to physically see a black hole with a space telescope, because they lack any light.

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