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A Swift Record!

Within days of release, Taylor Swift's latest album has broken records!

Her 10th studio album was released on Friday, 21 October and within 24 hours it had tens of millions of streams. Spotify said Midnights has broken the record for the most streams in a single day in the platform's history. Not only that, but Taylor has become Spotify's most streamed artist in a single day too.

Taylor took to social media to thank fans, saying: "How did I get this lucky, having you guys out here doing something this mind blowing?!" "Like what even just happened??!?!"

The streaming platform even struggled to keep up with the demand, with fans complaining about outages which meant they couldn't listen to the new lyrical masterpieces.

It's not the only platform reporting huge figures from Swift. Amazon Music said she's had the most first day album streams globally of any artist on their platform too.

Alexa was also busy, as the album was the most requested ever on the smart speaker.

And Midnights broke the record for the biggest pop album of all time on Apple Music by first-day streams.

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