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A Loose Moose

In Alaska, amazing animals are simply part of the scenery—even, as it turns out, in the hospital.

Fancying a snack from the foliage in Anchorage’s Providence Alaska Health Park’s cancer center, it was last Thursday that a moose decided to walk into the building.

Its hooves were no impediment to the motion-activated door, and soon, the security staff had to get on the intercom to warn visitors, patients, and staff that a moose was on the loose.

However the announcement served mostly to draw people in to see the moose, which wasn’t the first to ever enter the building, nor has it only been members of the deer family. Providence has also had bears try to enter their facilities.

“The Providence Health Park had an extra-special visitor today, as a moose decided to come inside and check out the plants in the lobby,” the hospital wrote on Facebook.

Security managed to corral the animal before it could damage anything beyond the plants.

“Finally, I think it had enough of everybody watching him, watching him eat,” said Randy Hughes, the hospital’s director of security.

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