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An old stuffed toy horse left out on the pavement for trash pick-up went on to a life of celebrity, after residents of a small village in Norfolk, England adopted him as their face-mask-wearing mascot.

It all started about a week ago when a gentleman in Hethersett who had recently lost his wife, was cleaning out his house and the horse was one of the things he was throwing away. Why?...who knows. Just check out this cheeky pony...he's not the prettiest horse we've come across for sure but we think he's cute.

Derek has since trotted from home to home, with villagers keeping track of his whereabouts on a Facebook group that Kim set up called Derek Trotter The Globetrotting Pony.

Derek has been out and about on all sorts of adventures and thanks to a mystery contact now has a friend to go on his travels with. Rodney is a slightly smaller companion but he keeps Derek busy and happy, helping to spread the word about wearing a mask during Covid times.

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