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The James Webb Space Telescope (named after the man who ran Nasa when people first landed on the Moon in 1961) was launched into space over Christmas in 2021 and has now successfully opened its massive sun shield. The shield, which is the size of a tennis court, was unveiled using motorised pulleys and cables.

The telescope will be using state of the art infrared technology to learn more about the history of outer space.

It will look at how galaxies and stars formed millions of years ago, and its team are hoping it will teach us lots of things about the universe we call home.

The commercial space industry is going to have a busy 2022 it seems. First up, we have Tesla owner and billionaire Elon Musk. His company SpaceX is developing a commercial spaceship called Starship that he hopes will help humans become a "multi-planet species" by taking customers on it to Mars.

SpaceX is hoping to fly to orbit for the first time in either January or February 2022. Not to be outdone, Virgin Galactic (owned by British businessman Richard Branson) has some big plans for 2022 as well. The company is hoping to start its commercial flights by the end of the year, meaning customers will be able to buy tickets to space like they would on a plane to another country.

In February, Nasa is going boldly where they have actually been before, back to the Moon! It's launching a series of missions called Artemis, which will see un-crewed and crewed ships travelling to the Moon and then eventually to Mars. Part of the aim of them is to see how capable we are of living on the Moon and elsewhere in the solar system.

Artemis I is due to launch in February- 2022 - a ship is going to the Moon and then beyond without a crew to test the route. It will take approximately three weeks and will launch on the most powerful rocket in the world, and fly further than any spacecraft built for humans has ever done before.

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