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6 Sensational Specialties Of Shrimp!

With over 2,000 species of shrimp living on our planet, there’s an awful lot to know about these amazing sea creatures.

Let's check out some great big facts about shrimp.

  1. There are lots of teeny tiny shrimp — they are called shrimp, after all. Some types of emperor shrimp only grow to about four millimetres long. That is seriously small. However, some shrimp can grow to more than 20 centimetres. That’s pretty big for a shrimp!

  2. Some shrimp like to get down and boogie while trying to attract fish. That might be because they’re decapods (say "deck-ah-pods") — that’s a creature that has 10 legs. Add some cool antennae moves, and you've got yourself a dance party!

  3. The reason some shrimp dance is pretty important. Cleaner shrimp like to dance to attract fish. Once the fish comes up to the shrimp, it will crawl in their mouth. It eats the parasites off of their teeth. Then it continues to clean their body, too!

  4. Creatures that eat only plants are called herbivores. Creatures that eat only meat are called carnivores. But shrimp like to eat both proteins and plants. That makes them omnivores — just like humans!

  5. The snapping of some shrimp’s pincers is actually considered one of the loudest sounds in the ocean. It's even louder than a jet engine! Other snapping shrimp can use their pincers to shoot water bubble at their enemies! There's one species, called the pistol shrimp, that snaps their claw and shoots a water bubble that moves up to 100 kilometres per hour.

  6. Like many fish, shrimp travel in groups called schools. It makes life safer for small shrimp. They can be a tasty treat for a lot of predators such as sea urchins, starfish, octopus and humans too! Many birds eat shrimp as well. Puffin and flamingos eat so many shrimp that it is one of the reasons they turn pink!


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