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A dedicated team of Animal Care staff are hand-raising the chick at Jurong Bird Park’s Breeding and Research Centre; Squish is charming visitors during his daily exercise walks.

For over two months, animal care staff have been mum to an adorable ball of grey fluff. Taking daily walks around the zoo is tough on this baby flamingo’s developing feet, which is why its keepers fashioned a pair of custom blue booties just for the chick.

Squish—affectionately named by his human carers for his ‘squish-ability’—is a Greater Flamingo, who was abandoned as an egg. When found by keepers, it was swiftly brought to the incubation room at the park’s Breeding and Research Centre, where it was kept snug and warm for about one month at around 37 degree Celsius, before hatching on 7 June.

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