It's glamour, glitz, and golden tokens! Monopoly, one of the world's favorite family gaming brands is commemorating 85 years of success. Join us as we celebrate with the Monopoly 85th Anniversary edition board game. The game features premium packaging and includes 8 golden tokens that represent the good life: A racecar, sunglasses, a yacht, a bowtie, a jet, a helicopter, a wristwatch, and a top hat. Get family and friends together to play the fast-dealing property trading game where players buy, sell, dream, and scheme their way to riches. Three cheers for living the good life of luxury and fun!




We have FOUR of these amazing Monopoly 85th Anniversary games to giveaway. We have hidden EIGHT Monopoly tokens through this months issue of Just Kidding magazine. To win, simply find all eight tokens and tell us which page numbers they were found on. You can use the printed magazine if you have a copy or you can click on the 'Live Mag' link found here on our website to do your token search. Easy!

Best of luck and remember...entries close August 20th 2020. 

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