Young explorers can travel the world and see everything in it with the Magic Adventures Globe™. Using the stylus, children can tap on the 10" interactive learning globe and experience new places, languages, cultures, animals, geography, habitats and more through high-quality BBC videos. Featuring a 2.7" integrated video screen, animations and live-action videos fully immerse kids in the curriculum to provide a better understanding of the world through more than 5 hours of videos. They can also play three interactive games called Around the World, Quiz Show and Where in the World to explore the globe, challenge a friend and solve mysteries.

See the world and everything in it!

Explore the world across 11 different categories:

Touch the stylus anywhere on the globe to learn about the world and everything in it!

The Pyramids of Giza are located in Egypt and are one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

How well do you know Australia?


Click here to download our quiz and see how many questions you can answer correctly!

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